Passive Volume & Balance Kit

Exceptionally neutral and transparent, it doesn't get any better than this. And you can't beat the price.

The balance and volume potentiometers are laser trimmed, thick film, discrete step pots. They are the same extremely high quality Noble pots used on the Audio Research SP-6 and the Beveridge RM-1. RCA jacks are gold-plated Tiffany style jacks and hook-up wire is teflon insulated silver plated copper.

Kit includes a stepped attenuator, balance control, wire, 2 sets of RCA jacks and instructions. The attenuator and balance come pre-wired so you simply solder the hot leads and one ground to the RCA jacks. Provide your own box and you have a very simple, exceptionally high quality passive pre-amp.


Input Impedance50K Ohms
Output Impedance0 - 25K Ohms
Frequency ResponseDC - 100K Hz

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